3 things I learned from NCT Antenatal Classes (including a new use for Marmite)

Working within an organisation that lives and breathes award-winning training delivery every day, I recently became a trainee myself.  

I attended NCT classes. For those of you that don't know about NCT Charity, it supports soon-to-be parents. I was part of a group of 8 sets of parents-to-be all joined together for an important new addition to their lives.  

Three things I learned:  

1. Excellent training doesn't always have the answers, but it enables them.

How you feel about yourself and your capabilities following it is more than the notes you make. And sometimes a leap of faith is all that is needed. 

2. Curiosity builds friendships.

Coming together around shared purpose and building a group to be open, collaborative and supportive builds friendships like nothing else.  

3. Simulations prepare you for the unexpected.

My experience with a nappy (and unexpected marmite contained within) enabled safe practice like no other.  

 I was inspired to see the depths gone to, to make us learn, grow and develop for a significant new chapter.

#unlockingtalent | @nctcharity 

Sajaad Jetha