Big little hacks to take you a long way at work


by Saj Jetha

Founder of the multi-award winning The Smarty Train

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What are The Smarts?

Whether you’re starting your first job, moving to a new one, or just trying to break out of the same-old, there are ways of working that can give you a big advantage. We call them hacks.

Where do you need The Smarts?


Read The Smarts? Want to be the best you? There’s a ton of stuff we can do to take your further.


Need your students to succeed at work? We’ve got hacks and programmes built specifically for this.


Need to sprinkle some Smarts in the workplace? Feel like things are a bit stuck? We can help at any level.

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P.S. You’ll be in good company!

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Over 15,000 copies sold.

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