Want your students to have The Smarts? Introducing…

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The challenge for students is simple: “you have 48 hours to get smart.”.

Smart48 is an award-winning, game-changing two-day immersive learning experience designed to ‘unlock the future you’ for success in the 21st century workplace.

Watch smart48 in action.

…Keynote Magic

There’s a reason everyone loves TED talks. They’re short. They’re to the point. They inspire.

We love standing up on our soapbox to talk about the smarts (and we’re really good at it too).  

From Chicago to London, Dubai to Johannesburg, we’re leading the way. Talking about productivity, hacking work and skill building? 

Get in touch. We’ve got the voices that will inspire.

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…TST Advisory

Need to think about your talent? Borrow our heads for a solution like no other.

Perhaps you know what isn’t working, but not how to fix it or perhaps you don’t know what isn’t working, nor how to fix it. That’s okay! We can help with both.